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The Right Gear For The Right Situation

Prepper's Economy Guide

When Paper Money And Credit Cards Don’t Work Anymore

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Why Be A Prepper?

Being prepared for a natural disaster or an unnatural disaster does not make you a paranoid prepper. No matter how you view prepping, you have a right and a duty to protect yourself and your family under any circumstance.

We have become too comfortable in our modern world and we depend on the luxuries it has to offer such as power, food supplies, clean water, sewer, cell phones, computers, credit cards, TV & radio, gasoline, and fast food restaurants. What if none of these things worked tomorrow? What would you do? Could you survive? What about your Family?

Most of us understand that the United States can handle small, localized disasters. But preppers realize that the US cannot handle bigger disasters such as Katrina, or worse, disasters such as a complete social or financial collapse. We cannot afford to rely on the US government to help and protect us and our families during such events.


We don’t rely on the government to feed us now, why should we rely on them to feed us during a disaster?

Regardless of your perceptions, many of us have a feeling that we need to prepare for the worst. It is not without reason that many of us feel this way, almost every day we see a  major disasters happening in real-time somewhere around the world. It is only a matter of time that one of these disasters impact you and your family.

Do you really think the government can feed and provide water and shelter to the masses when things get bad? If you are reading this, you already know the answer.

Even a small disaster such as a power outage can leave the shelves in the stores empty within hours and cause mass panic and violence. Unless you want to be one of the people running into the store and fighting for food, water, medicine, or clothing, you should do what you can to prepare for anything that can interrupt your day-to-day supply these basic necessities.

Prepping is not rocket science, it’s not paranoia, it’s not living in fear, it preparing for the day we may be without the modern conveniences and necessities that we have come to depend on.

We have put together some of the most sought after information about prepping for any disaster. From food and water to power and communications, this site will help you understand the basics of prepping and show you what you need to survive.


Food Storage

Prepper Foods

1402961987_289216Knowing what foods to store long term and how to store them can be a difficult task, but not if know the best stratagies and methods for preserving and storing this essential survival supply.

Prepper Economy

Prepper Economy

Facing long term disaster situations are tough enough without having to think about your finances, but prepping your finances by how to buy precious metals should definitely be on your list of emergency essentials.

Water Storage


Whether it’s a natural disaster, terrorist attack or all out civil unrest, Having a safe and abundant supply of safe drinking water is a must in any survival situation.

Preppers Guides & Resources


No matter what you and your family are faced with, education is the key to survival. Learn about how to prepare for natural and unnatural disasters with videos, books, and training resources here.

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

Finding yourself in an emergency situation can be frightening. but imagine how much less frightening it would be if your family was prepared with all the essential emergency supplies.

Prepper Supplies


Knowing where to buy the right supplies, tools, and rations is a big part of prepping. See our recommended suppliers and find the best supplies for you and your family.

Wind & Solar Power

Prepper Tech

The power grid may fail during a disaster situation, having the right tech in your preppers arsenal will give you and your family a distinct advantage in any disaster situation.

Preppers Checklists

Prepper Checklists

Prepping is a big task. Make it easy on yourself with these prepper checklists that you can print and use to make sure you are not leaving anything out.