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 “Yet another ebola victim has been confirmed by health officials today bringing the total number of cases to-” 

Emergency essential preppers guideWatching the news on any given day it’s a wonder everything hasn’t yet collapsed all around our heads. While the country as a whole is somewhat more resilient than people expect, that certainly doesn’t mean you should put off preparing for emergencies that hit closer to home. Preparing for those events, and any other widespread disasters, is exactly what we offer here at USPreppers. The easy to navigate website set before you is packed with step-by-step guides, information and advice for everyone from the aspiring prepper just getting started to the veteran trying to stay up to date on the latest strategies or technologies.

“The eastern seaboard of the US is expecting a third day of record snowfall today, bringing infrastructure to a halt and leaving residents stuck in their homes behind 5 feet of snow.”

Preparing for any emergency comes down to essentially 5 broad categories; Food, Water, maintaining the Emergency Essentials, taking advantage of Prepper Technology and preparing for currency needs in the Prepper Economy. USPreppers has clearly outlined these 5 survival categories into their own easy to follow guides and printable checklists providing a foundation that you can then build on and customize to your family’s own unique needs . Whether your plan is to shelter in place or bug out of town, USPreppers will help you tailor your preparations to keep you and yours safe through virtually any disaster.

Whether the thousand year storm is barreling down on your town or you can already smell the smoke from the windblown wildfire only minutes away, your mind will either lurch into frenzied panic or it will shift into survival mode. A checklist of essentials will run through your head and what’s one of the first items on that list?

“After two weeks of unending gridlock, the government has yet to find common ground in this year’s budget talks driving fears of another shutdown as confidence in financial systems wane both here and abroad. If a deal cannot be reached in the next 48 hours, experts warn of an inevitable downturn as credibility of the Dollar plummets to record…”

That’s right….FOOD!

So how to stave off that feeling of panic when the disaster is imminent? That’s the first step, you ask that question. Then you plan, you prepare and you start by asking the next questions, “What kind of food do I need and where am I going to store it all?”

Whether you plan to bug-out or shelter in place your food will have to last until you need it. This means planning for long-term storage, maintaining those stockpiles of food through rotation and choosing the appropriate foodstuffs for whatever emergency may come. Remember, bugging-out and going mobile means you will need lightweight choices like dehydrated foods, MREs and freeze-dried meals that provide the most bang for each pound.

If you’re lucky and able to shelter in place then take advantage of weight not being an issue by stockpiling home canned goods and other staples like flour, sugar, salt, beans and rice along with the lightweight foods. Sheltering in place also affords the ability to plant your own crops, in the event of long-term disasters, and the time-honored tradition of seed saving is the best way to ensure your supplies last beyond the initial stockpiles. In the end don’t forget, at some point you will need to cook that food and you will need to plan for those survival cooking contingencies.

Water, water everywhere except…

…during a disaster when everyone else is in dire need of it, too. When an emergency looms the first thing people do is rush the nearest store and relieve the shelves of their bottled water burdens. As supplies dwindle and shipments come to a halt making resupply impossible where do the rest turn when drinking water runs out?

Well, for the prepper, the solution is simple and it was taken care of well before everything began hitting at the fan. They collected it. They filtered it. And they stored it… a lot of it. But how did they do all that? Our guides and printable checklist will help you figure out all the ways to collect water and where to find it, how to choose the most effective water filters for your situation and how to go about storing your water supply safely.

Essentials for any Emergency

No matter if the situation calls for you to bug-out or to stay put sheltering in place, there is a set of universal emergency essentials that will get you through virtually any disaster situation. Food and water, we’ve already covered but it’s time to plan for reliable shelter, to cobble together the survival equipment you’ll come to depend on and build a med kit to get you through common injuries and illnesses. Answers to your questions, “How do I pack a 72-hour Bug-out Bag?”, “What kind of shelter does my family need?”, “What survival equipment will I really need out there?” are in our Emergency Essential guides and checklists.

Technology will get us through

The typical prepper is a gadgeteer, we eagerly seek out and play with the latest technology just to see what all it can do. But we also know in a severe emergency or disaster most of that tech society depends on will fail and it falls to the gadgeteer in each of us to figure out alternatives to supply electricity and provide heat and light to our homes when everything around us switches off.

Wind and solar power will reliably provide your home with what a faltering electrical grid cannot, electricity to power the basic comforts keeping your household functioning. Invested in and built now, these systems will begin saving you money from the start and with tax incentives they become even more attractive. Producing power is all well and good but how to store what you don’t use?

There are a range of battery options to store what your system creates and our battery guide will advise you on what types to choose and how to build your own battery bank. However, if a full blown wind and solar power system is more than you’re up for tackling then consider our generator guide which will help you choose the right portable or permanent, standby generators for your home. As you make decisions for your electrical needs be sure not to forget about lighting your way once the power does go out by perusing our emergency lighting guide.

When it comes to prepper tech we’re not just talking about producing electricity. Disasters, when they occur, tend not to happen at convenient times when you family is all together, when you can take coordinated action with everyone within earshot. The right equipment and a family communication plan will help you contact family members when it’s most important.

An Economy of Precious Metals for Bartering

When the worst does come and a need arises for a temporary or even a wholly new economy, the prepper needs to arrive prepared. Whether you’ve stockpiled useful items and skills to barter for goods and services or you chose to build a supply of gold, silver and platinum, each will find their place in a post-disaster or TEOTWAWKI economy. But how much of what kind and in what form do you stockpile? Our guides on purchasing gold, silver and platinum offer advice on how to start building up your reserves and the USPreppers exclusive Guide to Bartering is an essential in of itself.

Our mission here at USPreppers is to set you on the best path to preparing you and your family for any given emergency by providing step-by-step methods to achieve the daunting task of surviving when a disaster befalls your community. We will endeavor to supply up to date information and advice through our guides and blog posts to ensure the best available resources are at your fingertips.

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