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The Family Car Needs A Bug Out Bag, Too!

The Family Car needs a Bug Out Bag, too!

Time to feel proud, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. The stockpile of food and water are set, plenty to last more than week. The house is stocked and ready for sheltering everyone in place. The whole family…

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Using Closeout Sales To Build Your Stockpile – MEMORIAL DAY 2015!

Using Closeout Sales to Build Your Stockpile - MEMORIAL DAY 2015!

You could spend thousands of dollars on prepping supplies and all of your money would be well spent. But in this expensive world, even a family that doesn’t have any financial problems could use a little relief on their pocketbook. For…

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Beginning Canning For Preppers

Beginning Canning for Preppers

Canning is important for any prepper or homesteader to learn if you want to truly make the most out of the food you have. Some people think canning is just for gardeners, but there are endless foods you can get…

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Making A Mini Bug Out Bag For Your Kids’ School Backpack

Making a Mini Bug Out Bag for Your Kids' School Backpack

Most preppers with families know how important it is to make sure your children are prepared. Every member in your family should have a bug out bag, preferably one that will cover at least 72 hours in a survival situation.…

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6 Steps To Turn A Backyard Camping Trip Into A Kid’s Survival Course

6 Steps to Turn a Backyard Camping Trip into a Kid’s Survival Course

Everyone loves a backyard camping trip, it’s great fun for everyone, but it’s also a great opportunity for learning. It is a fun way to teach your kids the basics of self-reliance, without them realizing they are learning anything because…

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Prepping For Beginners, Where You Should Start.

Prepping for Beginners, Where You Should Start.

Generously Contributed By Skip Tanner The idea of prepping can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who are just starting out. When you start looking at everything all the books say about everything that you need to do in…

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Earthquakes: Prepping To Survive The Aftermath Part I

Earthquakes: Prepping to Survive the Aftermath Part I

Events like the recent Nepalese 7.8 earthquake, while a world away for people in the U.S., nonetheless make many of us sit up and take notice, especially for those living in quake-prone regions. The “Big One” has long been predicted…

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6 Defense Mistakes For All Preppers To Avoid

6 Defense Mistakes for All Preppers to Avoid

  Defense is a huge aspect of prepping. Whether you are mastering different ways to defend yourself, of if you are trying to find the best way to protect your home, defense is a key cornerstone to any solid prepping plan.…

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Power Down? Household Appliances You Can Re-create Off The Grid

Power Down? Household Appliances You Can Re-create Off the Grid

One of the major aspects of being prepared, is not only having a good stockpile, but being able to function in the event that power goes down. And let’s face it, even in non-catastrophic events, the power can always just…

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Texas & You: What To Do Under Martial Law

Texas & You: What to do under Martial Law

“The day we've all feared has finally arrived. Obama is taking action against all those who oppose him and his first stab is at the very heart of freedom and liberty, the Great State of Texas. Of course, he is…

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Prepping With Baby

Prepping with Baby

My son is almost one year old, and I have often thanked my lucky stars that in the first year of his life, or even while I was expecting, that we were not faced with any sort of disaster or…

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12 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Survival Skills

12 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Survival Skills

One of the best ways to prepare yourself is to arm yourself with knowledge and that goes for every member of your family. Kids are incredibly apt to soaking up new information and teaching your children survival skills can not…

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Urban Homesteader: Raising Backyard Chickens

Urban Homesteader: Raising Backyard Chickens

Until I relocated to a small city in rural California I never even conceived of people raising chickens for themselves. Moving boxes into my little house that first day, I remember hearing the rustling of ruffled feathers and warbling coos…

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Climate Change And Drought:  Homesteading In The New Normal

Climate Change and Drought: Homesteading in the New Normal

Despite all the heated back and forth surrounding climate change, as to who or what the catalyst may be, it is quite clear there are changes afoot. Temperatures are trending upward, severe weather is more frequent and rainfall patterns are…

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The Importance Of Pollinating: Create A Bee-Friendly Garden

The Importance of Pollinating: Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Beekeeping isn’t for all of us. While many preppers have no problem keeping bees and harvesting honey, it isn’t necessarily something all of us feel comfortable doing. That being said, that doesn’t mean that bees and other pollinators like hummingbirds,…

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Life After Ammo

Life After Ammo

A year and two months to the day after society fell, you're into the last box of .22 shells. The stockpile lasted longer than planned. Those armed hoards never materialized, so ammo was better spent on fox and the occasional…

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The 10 Best Starter Herbs For Your Medicinal Garden

The 10 Best Starter Herbs for your Medicinal Garden

Picture this, you suddenly find yourself in the third week of a widespread disaster, your daughter has a sore throat with a slight fever, your son has just burned his hand on the stove, your husband is complaining about stomach…

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Top 5 Survival Hacks

Top 5 Survival Hacks

In a perfect world when a disaster happens you would have everything needed to survive. Of course, in a perfect world disasters and catastrophes would obligingly never happen. Yet having to contend with those frequent bad things that befall us…

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Top 5 Bug-Out Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 Bug-Out Mistakes to Avoid

Anyone who has lived through a disaster of any type knows the roller coaster of emotions and stress such a situation causes. Those circumstances, if nothing else, do not need additional burdens piled on by mistakes made in the heat…

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8 Food Preservation Techniques You Need To Know Now

8 Food Preservation Techniques You Need To Know Now

As a mom, the first thing that comes to my mind when prepping is feeding my family. I love MREs and dehydrated food because they are easy to store and can last for such a long time. However, I think…

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Top 10 Bushcraft Skills For Every Prepper

Top 10 Bushcraft Skills for Every Prepper

Let's start off with a question. Have any of you ever gotten turned about, lost on a hiking or hunting trip? Have you ever felt a twang of panic vibrate through your belly for that second before regaining your bearings?…

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How To Start Your Own Seed Bank

How to Start Your Own Seed Bank

It’s spring time and everyone from professional farmers to amateur homesteaders are getting their gardens ready for warmer weather. It’s really not a surprise that so many preppers are also accomplished gardeners. Not only is knowing the skill of gardening…

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Community After The Collapse

Community After the Collapse

When disaster looms preppers envision relying solely on their own survival skills and strategies. And why wouldn't they? While interest in preparing for the worst has grown among the general public the popular view of post-collapse society is grim, With…

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Bugging Out In Mom’s Grocery-Getter

Bugging Out in Mom's Grocery-Getter

When asked to imagine the ultimate post-apocalypse vehicle the mind immediate conjures images of road beasts, armored and defended against the worst, capable of crawling over any terrain, tasked with the sole purpose of taking its owner far and away…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Aquaculture In Your Own Backyard

A Beginner’s Guide to Aquaculture in Your Own Backyard

Having more fish is your diet has become more common and popular in America in recent years, but aquaculture farming, which is the raising of fish and other crops that thrive in water—has been around for many centuries. In China,…

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