Is there a One-Stop Shop for Emergency Food?

Wise Food Storage

Wise Food StorageAs preppers, we tend to set our own path, do our own thing and when it comes to our stockpile of sustenance, finding what we need rarely follows a straight route. The search for food that will last is a challenge. But be honest, we like that way, because when everything is eventually located those piles of supplies serve as a testament to our self-reliance. Having said that, though, and if we let our pride take a backseat for a minute, wouldn’t it be worthwhile if there was a one-stop shop for all those necessities?

Wishful thinking?

Maybe not. Wise Food Storage just might be the place. This company has amassed a broad range of emergency food choices and packaging options that make the search for long term food a bit easier. Browsing the website the choices are quickly apparent. The company’s focus is on freeze-dried foods that start from individual entree packets (typically used for camping) and end with buckets of full meals. For the prepper seeking to customize their stockpiles Wise Food sells freeze-dried meats (various styles of beef and chicken), vegetables (corn, peas, broccoli, green beans along with a variety of sauces), fruits (bananas, strawberries, peaches and apples along with yogurt and pudding) and dairy in the form of whey milk, offered in volume allowing you to cook the way you want, in the portions you choose. And keeping up with times there are glutton-free choices as well.

Adding to the variety of preparedness foods, the available packaging options will cut down the search time for food even further. Bundled together in standard #10 cans, each of the above choices are sold in prepackaged supplies from the minimum 72-hour emergency Grab & Go packs to supplies for a week, a month (or three or six) all the way up to a year’s worth of meals for multiple people that will last upwards of 25 years. Just remember temperature is the main factor for long term food storage and storing these supplies between 50-60 degrees will ensure their longevity.

More Than Just Emergency Foods!

But there’s more to these foodstuffs than stocking them away for an emergency. Freeze-dried meals are sold individually or in smaller combo packs for campers and hunters to take along on any outdoor trip. From apple-cinnamon cereal to chicken Alfredo and beef lasagna there’s a full range to keep you well-nourished even out in the isolated wilds. Other times when these packs have proven their value (instances that I would not have considered) come from the testimonials. One customer spoke of a time when the power went out and had to eat all their food before it spoiled but, unfortunately, their budget would allow the family to buy more. They ended up living on their two-week supply of freeze-dried meals until their next paycheck. Another fell on hard financial times and with a special needs child, who had nutrition levels to maintain, turned to their supplies of Wise Food meals to live off of until their situation is improved.

Further support for Wise Food’s website as the one-stop shop for emergency essentials is their selection of non-food emergency supplies. From fully equipped emergency bug-out kits [with food and water packs, portable stove (with fuel pellets), cups, utensils, flashlight, emergency blanket and even playing cards all in their own backpack] to water filters to emergency stoves and fuel pellets to multi-person survival kits to packets of food and herb seeds they seem to have most of what’s needed for survival.

Whether it’s easing your search for general long-term food supplies to add to a growing emergency stockpile or something to eat on the next hunting trip, the Wise Food website is a worthwhile stop, if for no other reason but to peruse the choices. Don’t forget to check out and print out the USPreppers Food Storage Checklist to help plan for the needs of everyone in your family.

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