Packing an Office Bug Out Bag

prepare a bug out bag for the office

Once people set up their first bug out bag they begin to realize they can’t have it everywhere with them all the time. And that is when you start thinking about other ways to keep yourself safe. I mean what is to happen if the SHTF while you were at work and all of your supplies are back at home? Or even if you were prepared enough to bug out your vehicle, will you be able to get to it?

All of these are reasons why having a bug out back in your office or place of work is essential to a comprehensive prepping plan. Depending on your line of work your items may vary, but having any supplies on hand in a time of emergency will put you ahead of the game.

Comfortable Clothes

A lot of people work in offices or places where, let’s just face it, you wear clothes that would not be comfortable in disaster or a survival situation. Making sure you have an extra change of clothes is an essential first step to preparing your office bug out. Don’t forget socks and underwear. You may also consider lightweight thermal wear, which pack up small and are great for a variety of climates and situations.

Hiking or Running Shoes

A good pair or running or hiking shoes will be essential in a variety of situations, especially if you wear dress shoes to work. (Here’s some great hiking boots, and on sale no less!) Remember, if you are buying new shoes to break them in before you pack them; the last thing you want is to have blisters on your feet in a survival situation.

Water Bottle/Filter

Life Straw Personal Water Filtration System

In many disasters like floods, for instance, water sources can become tainted and leave you searching for clean safe water to consume. Packing a water bottle is a great first step, but I also recommend packing personal filtration system, or a LifeStraw. I like the LifeStraw because it is small, easy to pack and a true life saver.

Emergency Food

Because you simply do not know what kind of event might happen, if you will be without electricity or stuck in a building unable to make a fire, I recommend packing MREs, or meals ready to eat. You may consider packing a few creature comforts too, granola bars or nuts are great options and provide needed protein.

Hygiene and Medical Supplies

If you have any pharmaceutical needs or regular medicines make sure you have at the minimum a 72 hour supply of what you might need. A first-aid kit with the essentials will be easy to pack and a great tool in case of injury. A simple bar of soap, and some hand sanitizer can also help in medical situations, but can also help keep you clean in a bug out situation.

Emergency Whistle

No one should be without an emergency whistle, this simple defense tool can save your life if an attacker threatens you by alerting those nearby to your distress. Clip these on the outside of your bag or get a wearable kind of whistle, just make sure they are easily accessible for when it is needed.

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool

Other Self Defense Device

If you work in a downtown location, or perhaps just want to be a little more protected you may consider another personal defense item like mace or even a quality taser. If you work in a  heavily populated area, people may be one of the greatest threats to your safety, so consider your risk level and prepare accordingly.


No bug out bag is complete without a flashlight… and no flashlight is complete without backup batteries. To save space, consider packing a multi-functional device. One of my favorites is this flashlight/solar radio combo, that gives you two essential survival tools in one– it even has a USB charger so it can power your cell phone, or other devices as well.


Let’s face it, the office is no place for your machete. A good multi-tool however, with a sharp knife, pliers, screwdriver and a few other basic tools will be a godsend in a survival situation.

Most of us spend 40 hours a week or more at work, so let’s face it, the likelihood of something happening while we are at work is more than real. Being prepared with bug out bags in places like your office or place or work is so simple, that taking the time to do so is something every prepper should do. All it takes is a little extra preparation to keep you or someone in your family that much safer.

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