9 Bug Out Supplies for Your Purse (or Pocket!)

Bug out supplies in woman's purse

prepper items for your pocketsEveryone, even if you don’t use a purse, boys, should think about carrying a few simple bug out supplies with them at all times (wearing survival paracord bracelets is a great example of how to easily do this). The truth is you never know when something will happen, and being prepared isn’t just about a massive stockpile, it is about being ready for any situation, at any time.


As a mother of an infant son, I carry a minimum of 24 hours worth of supplies in my diaper bag, but even before he was born, I always made sure I had a supply of basic items with me at all times. Sure my primary bug out bag is well stocked, but what if I’m nowhere near it at the time disaster strikes? That is why I devised what I consider to be the Perfect Purse Bug Out Kit, that includes 9 multi-purpose, survival items that are still small enough to fit in most handbags. Most of these items have versions that can just as easily fit into your pocket, as well.



1. Handkerchief

There are so many uses for handkerchiefs, especially in survival situations. It can be used for washing, for first aid, as a signal, a dust mask, as a sweatband, as a tourniquet, honestly the list goes on and on.  I usually wrap all my purse bug out supplies in my handkerchief, to keep them separate from my daily use items.


2. Flashlight

Light is essential. Depending on how much you are willing you carry around you may decide to get a larger flashlight. I carry around a small, clip on flashlight, but I have a good friend that carries around a flashlight radio combo in her purse all the time. While it’s more than I want to carry, it is still only about 8 inches long, and really doesn’t take up much space (I like them for my standard bug out bag, but everyone prepares differently).


3. Chapstick

When you are dehydrated, your lips suffer but chapped lips is certainly not the only reason to have chapstick with you. It can be used as a lubricant, if you have a stuck zipper for instance, or as a fire starter. I have even seen people use it as a short term candle itself. It can also stop small cuts from bleeding and help heal dry, chapped hands. It can also work as a temporary water proofer on things like leather shoes. One little tube packs a big punch. That’s another reason I stock up on these, with so many uses, they will likely become a popular bartering items as well.


4. First Aid Kit

These come in so many sizes. I have larger ones for my home, my primary bug out bags, and my car. I still find, however, that a small first aid kit, even just a few band-aids and some ointment, in my purse not only is great for bugging out, but is helpful when a minor injury arises in our day to day life.


5. Moist Towelettes

I used to just grab a few extra of these every time I saw them at a restaurant, but when I realized what a great bartering item they would make as well, I decided to stock up on moist towelettes. They are great in kid’s bug out bags too.


6. Emergency Whistle

This is the one item I don’t keep packed away. I actually have my emergency whistle clipped on the outside of my purse, in the most easily accessible place possible. If you can, get an emergency whistle with a multi-purpose option, this helps save even more space.



7. Lighter

If you need warmth or need to prepare food, you will need fire. Having a lighter could be a big difference in your survival. A book of matches, or any other fire starting tool, is always a good alternative too, in a pinch.


8. Small Knife or Multi-Tool

A small knife, but especially a multi-tool, can be a life-saving item in a variety of survival situations. Again, like the flashlight, it comes down to how much you are comfortable carrying. You can get small multi-tools with a respectable variety of options, or aim for something more robust that includes more items to help in survival situations. It all depends on how much you want to carry, but either way don’t skip this important item.


9. Food

Let’s face it, there are more than one “emergencies” that can always arise where a granola bar could save they day– it doesn’t take a disaster for that to happen. So I always keep a few of the more compact snacks with me. A pack of trail mix or a granola bar can easily be included, if there is enough space in your bag. Dehydrated food is my favorite for my purse bug out, because if I forget about it, it’s still safe to eat and actually quite delicious!



As with any bug out bag, you can add anything, or leave out anything you like. Bug out bags and kits are about being ready for anything, anytime and you know what items work best for you. And just because it can fit in a purse, doesn’t mean that a prepared gentlemen might not want to prepare a pocket version as well. As a guideline, I think these items are a great starting point for anyone looking to have a “prepared purse.” or just someone who wants to be ready for any situation.

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