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Beginning preppers can often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of supplies they feel like they need to get started. In fact, it can cost thousands of dollars to prepare for a SHTF scenario even for just one person. However, most people who want to be prepared in any situation aren’t necessarily able to drop that kind of coin at the drop of a hat, and that is why so many people have become preppers on a budget.

The truth is the most important thing you can have to ensure your survival isn’t a fat pocket book, it is knowledge; the knowledge and skill that will help you survive in just about any situation. However, a prepper’s stockpile can greatly increase the comfort and longevity of their own survival situation. But do not let this make you feel overwhelmed by the towering costs in front of you, we have some tips to help to become a prepper event on a budget.

Take Inventory

This is an absolutely vital first step. You might be surprised by just how many survival supplies you already have hidden in your shed or garage. Writing down and taking note of these items will enable you to not only find them when you do need them, but it will also stop you from spending any unnecessary funds on items you already have in your arsenal. Begin thinking about the items you have that would be useful, blankets, camping gear, pots and pans, flashlights, etc.

Set Your Budget

There is no point in spending all your money on the future if you can’t enjoy the present, so going broke to procure your stockpile will do no one any favors. You need to decide how much you can realistically spend on your prepping budget. Decide if there is anything you can cut from your current budget that you can devote to prepping. However you do it, having a specific prepping section in your budget is much like spending money on an insurance policy and when you look at it that way there is no reason why it shouldn’t be added to anyone’s home budget.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Of course, you want to rush out to the largest bulk store and get your stockpile going right away, and if you have the money that is a perfectly acceptable way to go about it. However for the majority of us it’s hard enough to buy the food we need in a month, let alone enough to begin a proper survival collection. But that shouldn’t stop you. Even if you can only buy one extra can of food at a time, buy that can. You would be surprised how fast they begin to add up, even one can or one gallon of water at a time.

Buy on Sale

Some preppers are extreme couponers, and this is a great advantage to budget prepping. However, a lot of us do not have the time or dedication to take it to the extreme level. Nonetheless, it’s easy enough to take advantage of store sales, coupons and online discounts. Most grocery stores provide coupons on their websites, as well as in local newspapers. You can combine these in most cases with manufacturer coupons that can be found on the company’s website. Even if you don’t want to take those steps, you can wait and buy on sale. Most grocery stores host stock up sales and budgeting preppers should take advantage of these specials whenever they can.

Hit Up the Dollar Store

When it comes to inexpensive goods, it’s hard to find anything more affordable than the dollar store. That makes it a great place to stock up on the little details: hygiene products, first aid kits, food staples, games for the kids, cutlery and dishware, basic hardware supplies, batteries and more. When you are on a budget, being able to grab these essentials at an affordable price is an irreplaceable benefit.

Focus on the Five Must Have Items

When you are thinking of your basic needs in a survival situation remember what a person truly needs and focus on these items. Work on the peripheral items later. Food, water, hygienic needs, first aid and medical, and light. Food and water are obvious and are perhaps the most important. five must have items for emergency

Stocking up on light sources, whether battery-powered or gas lights is also a must for any prepper. And hygienic and medical supplies will help you stay clean and healthy in any situation. If you are prepping on a budget, having these bases covered is easy to do and imperative to a successful survival situation.

Prepping is not an exclusive activity for the rich, but it is an activity for the smart… and smart preppers are able to use these tools to prep on a budget and still be able to provide for their family in a SHTF situation.



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