6 Defense Mistakes for All Preppers to Avoid

6 mistakes made by preppers


Defense is a huge aspect of prepping. Whether you are mastering different ways to defend yourself, of if you are trying to find the best way to protect your home, defense is a key cornerstone to any solid prepping plan. Still, it’s easy to make mistakes and defense is the one place you can’t afford to have any errors.

When prepping not only must you prepare by learning the things you must do to survive, but you must also learn about the things you should NOT DO as well.

  1. Bragging About Your Supply

Rule number one about prepping, is to keep your mouth shut regarding your stockpile. Most preppers practice operational security, otherwise known as OP SEC, which basically means keep your operations secret and secure. Only those closest to you should know about what is in your stockpile, where it exists and how to access it. I know this can be difficult, it is hard to resist sharing information, especially when you are proud of your accomplishments, but this simple precaution could be key to saving your food and other supplies later. Remember, in a survival situation even your friends and co-workers can be pushed to the point of desperation, don’t make yourself an easy target.

  1. Relying on One Form of Defense

Some people think that if they’ve got a gun and ammo they are protected. And some others think that an extensive knowledge of martial arts is the only way to protect yourself. But both are wrong. A shotgun may not help you if someone comes up behind you, and martial arts won’t do anything against an assailant that is firing at you from several yards away. Any properly prepared prepper knows that having a knowledge of more than one defense method is important to keeping you and your family safe. Consider taking firearms courses or visiting the range regularly, but couple those actions with defense courses or training to make sure you are properly trained and prepared to protect yourself.

  1. Only Stockpiling Guns & Ammo

Guns are a great way to protect your home and family. Ensuring that you have enough firearms and the ammo to go with it is integral to a proper survival plan but don’t stop there. There are several defense situations where lethal force will simply not be necessary and that is why you should consider other forms of non-lethal defense. There are a variety of amazing defense products that you should consider adding to your stockpile and to your defense strategy. Mace is a simply defense tool that can easily be carried with you and used at a short range. Tasers are also a great option. Most non-lethal forms of defense also are great items to stockpile and use for bartering later.

tenzing bug out bag
Tenzing TZ 6000 Pack
  1. Not Bugging Out

Some people work very hard to defend their home, which is an excellent strategy for self-defense. However, everyone needs to be prepared in the case that their well-defended home may become compromised. Everyone should be prepared to easily leave their home or shelter if the need arises. Part of that means having each member of your family prepared with their own bug out bags. There are several pre-packed bug out bags available and you can also pack your own. Either way, make sure you are prepared for at least the crucial first 72 hours.

  1. Shooting on Sight

When people are encroaching on your land, or presenting a perceived danger to your survival, the first instinct is to sometimes shoot. The reality, however, is that not everyone is a danger. In fact some people could even be a big help in a survival situation. In addition, you don’t want to harm or kill someone that may just be looking for a little help. Non-lethal defense weapons are an option for protecting yourself with force that will keep others safer. The other truth is that if you shoot, they might just shoot back and that usually doesn’t end well for at least one of the parties. Shooting quickly also alerts your potential assailants to the fact you have a gun and something to protect. While the gunfire may be enough to keep some away, in a survival situation it may encourage looters to come back and try to get their hands on your guns and other supplies.

  1. Not Defending Your Home Well Enough

Mace Wireless Home Security System
Mace Wireless Home Security System

In a plan A scenario, most people consider staying in their home, with their stockpiles, and being able to keep their family safe. That is why home security is such an important part of a prepping plan. Burglar alarms are excellent but be prepared to have a variety of perimeter security measures in place. One of the best methods of defense is being able to have a place where you can obtain a 360-degree view of your property, whether through finding a high point in the land or by installing a security camera system. Remember that if the power goes down, some of the home defenses we are used to will be useless. Think about powerless forms of home defense, like a door jammer, in addition to an electronic system. Another excellent strategy is keeping things hidden; looters can take your supplies if they can’t find them. The best plan, however, is to have strong defenses in place. If your home is difficult to penetrate, looters might just walk right past to find an easier target.


In the world of prepping there are plenty of places to make mistakes, but if we really face a SHTF scenario there is no room to leave your family or yourself defenseless. Make sure your defense plan is solid and avoid these simple mistakes to keep your home, your family and yourself safe no matter what.


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