Home Defense Strategy for TEOTWAWKI

Home Defense Strategy for TEOTWAWKI

Home Defense Strategy for TEOTWAWKIWhether you like to admit it or not, defense is a huge key to preparing for TEOTWAWKI. We like to believe that people are inherently good, but when faced with desperate situations, there is no predicting how some people will behave. Especially if you are a prepper, defense becomes even more important, as protecting your supplies and stockpile could be key to you and your family’s survival. Here are some important bases to cover when planning your home defense strategy.

Your First Line of Defense

For centuries, dogs and humans have been partners in survival, and in a SHTF scenario, a guard dog could be a key difference that could save your life and protect your home. Dogs are keen observers and can use their senses to alert you to potential threats, sometimes even before you know they are there. They are loyal and protective of their family, and can often be all that it takes to keep possible predators and thieves away from your home. In addition, they can be needed companions as well as valuable hunting partners.

There are many good protection dogs, but some of the most popular breeds include: German Shepherds, Border Collies, American Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers. There are a variety of benefits to each different breed, so research the one that will be best for you. It is also important to properly train your animal for protection. Consult a professional, or attend a training class to learn the proper techniques for Guard Dog training.

Observation of Your Property

One of the most important aspects of defense is being able to see your surrounding and know what is coming your way. If you can see a potential threat early, hopefully before that threat sees you, it will enable you to make the best decisions about your defense strategy. With advanced information, you can determine whether making contact is the best course of action, or whether you need to conceal, hide or possible take up arms and begin to defend with force.

If at all possible you need a place where you can obtain a full 360 degrees around your property. You also should identify areas that intruders could see as weak, as well as target areas that potential threats are more likely to come from. Also remember that many potential threats are going to be trying to sneak in and out just steal a few supplies, remember that people could try and take from you, without using force. You must prepare for these stealth attacks as well. Some people employ security cameras to be able to obtain a full view of their property. You should also consider motion sensor lights and security systems, however, you must also make sure you have to backup power to support these if the disaster scenario cuts you off from the grid.

That is why a specific vantage point is important, even if you do have high-tech security gear. In addition, you should consider your ability to defend all the way around your home as well. If you do need to use force on a potential attack, you should have clear access to safe areas where you can fire upon intruders if you must.

Protect and Conceal

Unfortunately, most of our home are just not equipped for defense. There are a number of simple ways to breach a home with nothing more than a few simple tools. Most homes are extremely vulnerable to fire. The modern home structure also does not lend itself to firearm defense. It is vulnerable to high-velocity ammunition which can easily penetrate its walls. Therefore in case of an attack, defense proves problematic, as you simply cannot be safe attempting to fire from the windows. Now it would be nice if we all had brick houses and bulletproof observation decks, but the truth is most of us do not.

Simple changes, however, can give you a few extra life savings seconds in intruder situations. Even just having really good storm doors can slow down a threat just enough to alert you to their presence. Simple window locks, double pane windows, multiple deadbolts, even erecting a perimeter fence, are all changes you can make now that could provide life-saving time later.

Of course, we have to know that we can’t always defend ourselves, and sometimes the best course of action is to hide. Now, most preppers are not cowards by any means, and many are more than capable of defending an attack, but the truth is sometimes the best decision is to conceal yourself and your family. Now, it’s not always possible to have a hidden location, whether it is for yourself or for your supplies, but some preppers are still finding ways to include concealment in their home protection plans. Basements with hidden entrances, for instance, are a good place for stockpiles as well as occasional shelters. Even just a bookcase door or a false wall could deter a potential thief just long enough to save your supply. Large safes are also good, especially for your firearm, and can often be concealed in inconspicuous ways.

Layered Defense

To better wrap your head around your own defense strategy, consider the three layers of defense. The Outer layer would be what you could see right outside your property line. The intermediate layer is anywhere inside you property line while the inner layer refers to anywhere inside your home.
Having a plan of action for each layer of defense is an effective way to tackle the sometimes overwhelming idea of home defense. Everyone’s plan will vary, but for example you could have an outer layer plan that included observation of potential threats.

Your intermediate layer defense plan may include a fence along your property line or other obstacles, as well as camera or other observational materials. Your guard dog would often be a major line of defense in this layer as well. The important thing is to formulate your own action plan in the event of someone breaching this layer. The inner layer is in your home and thus will likely include the potential of force if someone breaches this level.

Layered defense allows you and your family to determine the seriousness of a potential attack in a split second, as you will all know your action plan for each layer of defense. Having a predetermined plan makes it easier to defend your home, especially if you are worn out and hungry, as you likely are if it is TEOTWAWKI.

Trained Personnel & Firearms

Firearms are, of course, an integral part of any home defense strategy. When force is necessary, you cannot be unprepared. Not only should you have a stockpile of weapons and ammunition, but you, and any of your qualified family, needs to be able to shoot. Practicing and taking classes are important otherwise, a gun becomes a much less effective defense tool. Also consider training in martial arts or self-defense courses. In the event that you cannot get to a gun, you may be presented with an opportunity where you can defend yourself by your own hands. Keeping yourself trained in defense is a key aspect of home protection.

Keep a Low Profile

The last thing you want to be is an easy target. Keeping a low profile can be a lifesaving strategy. Most preppers practice OPSEC, or operational security, meaning they do not let people know about their plans or about their stockpile. If you don’t seem like you have anything to take, no one will take from you.

Escape Plan

No matter how much work you put into defending your home, the truth is you must prepare for the possibility that you will have to leave. Make sure you are prepared for such a possibility by creating smaller resource packs you can take with you that contain the necessities for survival. Having these prepared in advance means you can grab them at a moment’s notice. Also consider equipping you and your family with radios. In the case you would have to slip out undetected, communication with your family, via radio, may save someone life and greatly increase your chance of successful escape. You should also have a predetermined destination everyone in your family knows about, where you can all meet up in case you are split apart.

Creating a defense plan can not only keep you safe if we do face TEOTWAWKI, but it can truly just keep your family safe all the time in your daily lives. You can begin making changes and determining your plans now to better protect your home and family today and tomorrow.

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