Solar Power Solutions For Preppers

Prepper's Solar Power

Prepper's Solar PowerAmong preppers, solar power has not been a primary concern. This is unfortunate because many of the possible scenarios that you are preparing for will ultimately require solar solutions if you are going to survive in the long term. Your supplies will not last forever. You cannot count on society starting up again soon enough to renew deliveries of oil, coal and other traditional resources for power.

Why Go Solar After a Disaster?

Too many people content themselves with visions of camping for the long term after civilization crumbles or a massive disaster cuts them loose from government oversight for weeks or even months. This is not such a bad idea if you are single male with no group goals. Most preppers, though, are not those kinds of people. They have families that they want to protect. You may even have formed a cooperative group that intends to stand strong together when TEOTWAWKI finally arrives. Solar energy is ideal for this kind of endeavor. If you want to create a village in which your children will be safe after a catastrophe and you can tend to the injured and the ill, then you will need to have a long-term source of energy. The energy that solar power provides can light interior rooms and support equipment such as radios so that you do not have to waste a precious and dwindling supply of batteries. You can also use this source of power to heat or cool air, cook food and boil water. While you might be figuring on simply using firewood to do these things, this solution is not always possible or safe. In many environments, firewood may become difficult to find. Furthermore, some potential scenarios would preclude fire because you would not want to advertize your position.

When Will Solar Power for Preppers Work Best?

Solar power is ideal for a number of situations but not for every event that might require you to turn to your prepping supplies. Civil unrest, which threatens more every day as society becomes more and more fractured, is an excellent example of such a scenario. You can use solar power to make food, heat rooms and boil your water when you do not want others to know where you are. The same goes for situations resulting from epidemics. To survive a destructive outbreak, you will need to remain isolated from wanderers. Nevertheless, this is not a recommendation to rely entirely on the sun. Some scenarios will require you simply to make do with non-renewable sources of power. For example, any event, which puts a lot of dust in the atmosphere, will limit the value of solar power.

Solar Equipment

Since you are not counting on things holding together, putting photovoltaic panels on your roof may not be much of a solution. Instead, you need portable equipment and you need the know how to create your own solar solutions in the wild. One easy way to ease your dependence on burning wood is to cook your food with a solar oven. You can find great quality solar ovens online but in a pinch, you can also make crude solar oven with little more than a cardboard box and aluminum foil. Heating water or air with the power of the sun is a little more complicated. You might want to check out available products or watch some of the DIY videos we have provided to help you make a functional and reliable device to better fit your needs. The Sun is a tool that you do not have to pack or store. Be ready to take advantage of it so that you possess a little more space for essentials in your bug-out bag.

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