Gold for Bartering

gold coins for prepping
“Given the unpredictable nature of a globally intertwined economy, the uncertainty caused by wars, political gridlock and fluctuating financial markets, buying gold is seen as an anchor for a prepper’s family financial stability.”

preppers guide to goldPreppers who have paid attention to the political changes, both at home and abroad, have come to realize now is the best time to prepare for any potential economic instability. Just as it is important to maintain a reliable stockpile of food and water and a solid roof over your head, so is access to a currency capable of maintaining its value.

Gold History

Gold is considered one of the safest currency investments throughout history, proving its reliability time after time. Not only has it withstood countless changes in global currencies and economic crashes over time but it has survived as a virtual universal currency, in of itself. As silver has slowly begun to lose its worth within the last few decades, gold has continued to maintain a substantial amount of worth by comparison.

Buying Precious Metals: The Basics

Preppers who are not familiar with the process of investing in or buying precious metals are encouraged to spend some time researching and learning about the various methods available. Three of the most popular choices involve investment in bullion bars, coins, and Exchange Trade Funds or ETFs.

ETFs, allow individuals to gain access to the financial worth of gold without having to actually keep a physical supply of bars or coins. However, many prepper’s prefer buying coins and bars instead because its physical presence (in its various forms) may prove far more reliable as a form of currency by comparison to what is represented by exchange traded funds. In the event of a market crash, there is always the concern that exchange traded funds will quickly lose their value. As such, even if an individual is interested in the use of ETFs, maintaining a personal supply of coins and bars is recommended.

Buying Gold Online

Acknowledging the importance of buying gold, it is pertinent that preppers should utilize caution when purchasing from unreliable dealers.

It is in a person’s best interest to consult the numerous reliable and trustworthy resources available that can direct interested prepper’s to reputable online vendors. If you are willing to spend time researching the available options, it should not be difficult to find a reputable online dealer. Call on the prepper community for referrals to reputable dealers, ask about positive experiences and what businesses/dealers to avoid.

Coins vs Bars

Coins offer portability over their heavier, bullion cousins. Their value is easier to measure and their smaller size allows for more practical use when trading for items you need. Trying to trade using a bar for a few loaves of bread or parts for your wind turbine would prove difficult. This is the real benefit of coins. Their value is easier to assess by both parties trading ensuring fair transaction take place.

Ultimately, buying precious metals in any of its forms is a highly recommended course of action for any disaster prepper who is seeking financial peace of mind. Maintaining this type of financial security and freedom is essential should the need to travel or purchase any additional necessities arises as the time for recovery extends beyond what was planned. Moreover, in consideration of the increasing demand for gold, now is truly one of the best times to buy while it is still readily available.

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