Survial Gear For Every Prepper

survival gear

Survival Gear For PreppersWhen preparing for an emergency such as a natural disaster, you need to do everything possible to stay alive. In addition to having food and water, you need several survival tools. The best survival equipment is durable and well made. Below are some items you often need in dire circumstances.

Water Filter Tablets

Drinkable water is essential if you want to survive. For purifying water, you need iodine or chlorine tablets. The pills dissolve in the water making it drinkable.


A multi-tool is more advanced than the Swiss Army knife. Depending on the type of tool you purchase, you have numerous options. Most multi-tools come with pliers, Philips head screwdriver, flat screwdriver, bottle and can opener, saw blades, pokers, and serrated knives.

Survival Knife

A survival knife is also a multi-tool. These knives usually have long blades with serrated edges and a hollow handle. The handle contains a small survival kit inside. Items vary, but usually there are matches, a compass, and fishhooks and a line for angling.


A flare is a great way to catch the attention of a ship, helicopter or airplane when you are stranded. These signal flares come in a wide range of options. The most expensive type is a laser flare that costs a few hundred dollars. Laser flares are visible during the day and at night for up to 30 miles.


A mirror is a useful tool that reflects various sources of light such as a flashlight or a headlight. The better quality signal mirrors are made from non-breakable materials. Some even come with nylon ties so you can keep the signal minor on your backpack.

First Aid Kit

Everyone should have a first aid kit available to tend to wounds and injuries. A well-stocked first aid kit contains disinfectant, alcohol, eyewash, antibacterial cream, Band-Aids, bandages, gauze, tweezers, sutures, needles, burn ointment, hydrocortisone cream, antihistamine, and pain reliever. Depending on your location, a snakebite kit can be added. A small first aid manual is also helpful.


When there is no electricity, you need flashlights for seeing. Make certain to have extra batteries available. Another option is a lantern. These are battery-operated or use propane or kerosene. Candles also help.

Fire Starter Kit

A fire provides warmth, a flame to cook food and boil water, light and a sense of security. It’s best to put your fire starter in a waterproof box. The kit should contain waterproof matches, a few lighters, a flint, and a magnifying glass.


A radio lets you know what is going on around you. You should have one battery-operated radio with an extra supply of batteries, and a crank-operated radio.


Although a compass is old school, it still works for helping you to pinpoint the direction you should take. GPS devices are more accurate, but you need a charged battery for continuous use.

USB Solar Charger

A portable solar charger uses the sunlight to generate power. For anything with a USB connection, such as a GPS device or LED flashlight, you can use the charger.

Sleeping Bag

There should be enough sleeping bags for every person. Having blankets available also helps to keep people warm or to use as ground cover. The best survival equipment depends on your individual situation. A power outage due to a storm requires different equipment than if you want to survive a devastating hurricane, tornado or flood. If you are stranded in the wilderness or just in a state park, then another type of survival gear is needed. In all cases, you need to buy the best survival tools you can afford.

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