Finding The Best Prepper Medical Kits

The Best Prepper Medical kit

The Best Prepper Medical kitBeing prepared for a disaster means thinking of all potential scenarios. For the best prepper medical supplies are essential. Finding the best prepper medical kits or making your own should be one of the first things you focus on as you make your emergency plan.

Why You Need a Med Kit

No matter what SHTF scenario you think might happen, chances are high that someone will be injured at some point. If you don’t have medical help nearby, you’ll need to deal with the situation yourself. Even a simple splinter can kill you if not taken care of properly. It’s a good idea to have two medical kits. One should be for your home and contain a wide range of supplies for all types of medical emergencies. The other should be small, with just the essentials, for your bug out bag. This eliminates the need to sort through your things if you need to leave your safe house. Many people add a third kit to their car. Even if you don’t need the medical kit for a disaster situation, you may end up needing it in your everyday life. Accidents happen and it’s best to be prepared.

DIY vs. Purchased Medical Kits

You can purchase the best prepper supplies and make your own medical kit, but it is usually more cost effective to buy a basic or even a complete kit to begin with. This will come with everything you need to stay healthy in a survival situation. You can add other items, if necessary to round out the kit.

What to Look for in a Prepper Medical Kit

The best prepper medical kits will contain supplies to cover a range of possible emergency situations. Keep in mind that even minor injuries can be deadly in a disaster situation where there is no hospital available. Any first aid kit worth its salt will contain the basics for wound management, such as medical tape, gauze and several sizes of bandages. However, if you are facing a bad situation, you’ll want a little more than that.

Here are some essentials that should be in every prepper’s medical kit.

  • Antiseptics: An antiseptic gel like Neosporin or a bottle of iodine is necessary in a good medical kit. When you can’t depend on outside help, you really need to stay on top of infections. Cleaning wounds properly is very important.
  • Imodium: When hygiene is poor, stomach upsets are not uncommon. Imodium will stop diarrhea and prevent you from becoming dehydrated.
  • Re-hydration salts: A simple powder that can be mixed into water, re-hydration salts are designed to give much-needed nutrients and keep you hydrated if you are ill.
  • Dental repair kit: A toothache can make it difficult to get anything done and it is best if you are able to repair it yourself. A dental kit takes up virtually no room in your first aid kit and is very useful.
  • Pain relievers and fever reducers: If you are injured, pain relief may be necessary. Many pain relievers double as fever reducers and can come in handy if you fall ill or develop an infection. The kit should include a thermometer to check temperature.

Advanced First aid manual: Even if you have taken a first aid course, having an advanced manual available is a good idea in case you or someone else run into an injury or illness that is unfamiliar. Ideally, the best prepper medical kits will contain everything you need to prevent minor injuries from getting worse and stopping major injuries from killing you. Choose the best kit for your needs and supplement with medicines and other items if need be.

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