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Preppers self defense

Preppers self defenseWhether a disaster strikes or not, being able to defend yourself is something everyone should strongly consider. In a SHTF scenario, or in everyday life criminals tend to prey on weaker targets, and with a little effort and knowledge, you can ensure that you will never be considered weak. If it is TEOTWAWKI, self-defense becomes even more critical, especially if you have prepared well and have a supply to protect. To properly keep your family safe, the knowledge of self-defense will be critical.

There are a variety of different approaches to self-defense and learning multiple ways you can defend yourself and your family is the best way to prepare for potential violent situations.

Personal Awareness

The first key to any self-defense strategy is having good personal awareness. Staying alert and paying attention to your surroundings is integral to any form of defense. However, by paying attention to your situations and behaving accordingly, you can sometimes even avoid the violence or confrontation altogether.

Being aware of your surroundings can also include avoiding more dangerous situations, such as going out at night or going out alone. The most dangerous thing in an attack can often be to be caught unaware, by practicing personal awareness you can deprive would be attackers of using the element of surprise against you.

Using personal awareness can also give you the upper hand. If a potential assailant does not see you, but they are still a threat, you can catch them off guard and turn the tables on any would be criminals. In addition, personal awareness should be practiced when using all other forms of self-defense, as knowing your surroundings will always be essential to effective survival in any situation.

Martial Arts

Of course, everyone is busy and there is no doubt that taking up a martial arts class can be a somewhat daunting commitment, however the worth they provide is immeasurable. Many dojos or studios have once or twice a month course, if you can’t make the time for a weekly class. There are many different types of martial arts, including karate, judo and aikido. While it takes years to become a master martial artist, you will immediately begin to pick up skills that will help you protect yourself and your loved ones in a potentially violent situation. In addition, regular classes help you stay in shape, which improves your likelihood of surviving in many situations.

Remember to consider that some martial art schools may include lessons on fighting with weapons, nunchucks, staffs, swords or knives. Skill with weaponry can also be an extremely valuable skill to obtain if you want to become well rounded in self-defense. One of the other benefits of martial arts, is it is cross generational and effective for the young and old, as well as both men and women, and a skill that can keep multiple members of your family prepared and safe.

Non-lethal Weapons

Non-lethal weapons are also an effective way to deter many would-be criminals. The most popular non-lethal options are often Tasers and pepper sprays. Pepper sprays are convenient; they are inexpensive, light weight, and can give you the needed advantage to overtake an assailant or get away unscathed. Pepper spray is also easy to use and does not require any sort of target training. Even in a stressful situation, the spray will work if just pointed in the general direction of the assailant’s eyes.

A Taser is a little bit more to carry around with you, but their effect is unmatched by other non-lethal options. Depending on what type of Taser you carry, it might be a good idea to practice to ensure ease of use. If you do have to deploy the Taser, it will likely stop any attacker immediately, giving you the time to get away safely.

Lethal Weapons (Non-Firearm)

There are a long list of items that could be included in the lethal category when you really begin to think about it. Even in a pinch, a pen could be used with lethal force, but on the whole being prepared with real weapons is an important consideration for many people. The more common weapons include knives, brass knuckles, swords, crossbows, slingshots, bow & arrows, and spears. For self-defense purposes, knives are probably the more common. Not only are they effective in combat, but they have a variety of uses in survival situations, making them a key component for a post-SHTF scenario. You won’t find many people in our modern world that are skilled in things like swordplay, but they still are effective defense methods if you are properly trained.

One of the benefits of most non-firearm methods, especially if it is TEOTWAWKI, is they are discreet and silent, helping to keep your position hidden in a potential, volatile situation. Since most of these weapons have dual purposes, you will find that items like crossbows will help in a defense situation, or as a hunting device if you’re in survival mode. You must also remember, that whatever weapon you carry takes a certain level of skill, so if possible, you may want to take some basic courses, perhaps in knife fighting or archery.


A lot of those who are interested in self-defense, not just preppers, consider a handgun the best possible weapon for protecting one’s self. In the world as it is, that means you probably will want to apply for a concealed weapons permit, to carry a handgun in a discreet location on your person. However, in a post-SHTF scenario, permits will likely hold no meaning. Like other weapons, if you carry a gun any potential attacker could disarm you and use your own weapon against you. In addition, with any firearm, there is the possibility of accidental discharge which could cause unfortunately injuries at just the wrong time.

Still, when it comes to deterring an attacker, that handgun will likely be all the protecting you need. However, you must be comfortable using it, carrying it, and be willing to pull the trigger if necessary, which in a lot of situations may be easier said than done. As with any other firearm, you must know how to shoot it, and taking courses and spending time at the range will likely increase the chance of your handgun being effective in a potential threatening scenario.

Shotguns & Rifles

For long range defense, a handgun simply won’t do the job. That is why shotguns and rifles are key to anyone’s defense plan. They are especially effective in rural areas, or for protecting larger property areas. They also serve as hunting tools and protection against potentially dangerous wildlife you may encounter such as bears. For defense of your home, consider a rifle with a good scope to protect at long distances. Ensuring you have a good rifle with plenty of ammo, could be the difference when you are protecting yourself and your family against potential threats of many kinds.

Being prepared is more than just having a good stockpile. You have to prepare yourself and properly train yourself, if you truly want to be sufficient in any type of situation the world could throw at you. Taking a few precautions and making some preparations now could be just the decision that saves you and your family’s lives later.

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