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As many of you know, water is the most important emergency essential but food finishes at a very close second. The average person can last, at most, 8 weeks without food as long as they have water. But who wants to? And in an emergency situation how could you possibly function without regular, albeit rationed, meals? Now the selection of food types and preservation methods are broad, it is best to simmer it down to how many calories do we need each day. For the average, moderately active person between the ages of 14-40, 2,000-2,800 calories a daily is sufficient. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 45-65% of those calories (about 130 grams) be carbohydrates with 10% (but not more than 35%) as protein.

Carbohydrates can be found in grains (wheat, oats, rice), beans and starchy vegetables (potatoes, yams, peas, corn) and fruits. Sources of protein also include beans and vegetables like peas but are also found in nuts and any source of meat. Keep these varieties in mind for your own pantries and storage. 

This food storage checklist contains the minimum recommended requirements for one adult to maintain for one year.

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